The History of Wine & Food Pairing.

Chapter Nine, Part One.
Moses with The Rules.In the beginning God said, “Let there be white.” And there was white.

And God tried the white, and it was good. And God divided the white from the red, and God was pleased when Robert Parker rated them both 90 points.

And God formed Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden.

And Adam said unto Eve, “God has blessed us with both white and red. Hast thou chosen one to compliment this apple?”

“Thy yonder slithering-sommelier suggests Zinfandel,” said Eve.

“That’s original, Zin!” cried Adam.

And so it began, the age-old debate over which wine to serve with dinner. To guide the perplexed people through this culinary quandary, rule-makers stepped forward and created The Rule. They righteously preached that wine and food pairing is done with your eyes and not your mouth, for they looked at wine and decreed; White wine with fish. Red wine with meat!

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