Forget The Oscars, Emmys & Grammys. It’s The Yeasties!

The 87th Academy Awards are tonight and filmmakers and actors will soon know if they won an Oscar (the metaphorical equivalent of a 100 point score) or came in second place (equal to 89 points and a one way ticket to the close-out bin). Since a wine awards show is long overdue I’m reposting my ideas for the Academy Awards of Wine.

Chapter Five, Part Two.
The Wine Trophy CupHumans are a competitive lot. We’ve created entire industries that do nothing more than grade, score, award, and rate everything from our kids to our eggs. Does it bother you that your kids go off to school and the best they can rate is an A, but your eggs are graded AAA before they’ve even crossed the road?

Speaking of eggs, if you feel the need to put wines into a pecking order, evaluation systems have been developed to help objectively rate and record your observations. There are systems based on pure science (one short-lived magazine based their ratings on chemical analysis without ever tasting any wine) and systems cloaked in pretense (for just $499 you can own The Connoisseurs Master 60 Aromas Kit in a beautiful wooden display box!).

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